Calusta Gets Fresh

The Calusta mystery deepens.

Back story: It’s old news that Lily has Little People representing every single member of our extended family. Recently we added a black doll to the mix, she named it Calusta. Calusta started living in our family’s Little People House.

Well, Calusta doesn’t just live with Little People us anymore. He sleeps with Mommy and Daddy Little People.

This looks really uncomfortable.

When my husband saw Lily doing this the first time, he immediately said “Lily, you really need to tell us the next time you see the real Calusta. I really really need to know who he is.”

Because, to the best of my knowledge, neither we have ever had a third person in our bed (aside from a baby when I was nursing). Our bed most nights looks exactly like this, except we sleep inside the house, not on top of it.

The real Lumpy is usually on top of my feet, but close enough.

See? Just me, my lovely (usually Asian, but for some reason white in Little People world) husband and our bed-hogging dog. This is how it’s supposed to look.

Why on earth is Calusta invading our bed? You’d think if anyone was invading our bed it would be one of the kids, not the stranger who has suddenly started mooching off my husband modest salary.

Lily says Calusta is sleeping with Mommy and Daddy because there’s no space left to sleep in the house. And indeed, our extended family seemed to be having a slumber party during this play session, but I’ve seen Calusta sleeping with Mommy and Daddy when there are no other overnight guests.

My sister, brother-in-law, parents and Dan and Larissa were spending the night at our Little People house on this night. Lily hasn’t seen Dan and Larissa in probably a year, but apparently they needed to spend the night instead of driving their dump truck.

I pointed out that Calusta could sleep on the Little People couch, but she said no. That he likes to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed and that’s where he belongs.

Have I been missing something at night?

I sure hope not. If my husband and I have been having a threesome, I really really want to know about it.


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