Clearance Diapers WTF

Earlier this week, I bought a box of Pampers Cruisers on clearance. We are die-hard Pampers users so when I saw a box like this

Seemingly normal box of cruisers.

I expected this

But instead, when I opened the box, I found THIS

WTF? I’ve never seen this design of Cruisers before. So half the night, I’ve been worried that maybe I just put not a Cruiser on Rose. Were these diapers clearance because they had the wrong diapers inside them? Would Rose wake up in the middle of the night with an exploded diaper?

Really, they should warn you if something is on clearance because it looks wrong inside. Just how different are these diapers?


It turns out, based on some obscure websites out there, Pampers has redesigned their Cruisers yet again. I was unaware this. What’s stranger is that the change happened at least 3 months ago, but this is the first I’ve seen of it despite buying diapers at least once a month. WTF?

I was seriously outraged about these diapers until I found the internet evidence that this is just a diaper redesign. I was sure Meijer had duped me by putting diapers on clearance because they had the wrong content inside the box. But I guess not.


If the diapers backfire, I’ll let you know. Pampers Cruisers are the only diaper that gets Rose through the night.

EDIT: The new diapers, in fact, did NOT get Rose through even half the night. I am not amused.


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