Friday Funnies: The Manipulator

The last couple weeks, Rose’s tantrums have looked something like this:

Yes, she says “Not I” while screaming at the top of her lungs and holding her hand out to me. She’s very prim and proper while she’s having a tantrum. I’ve been trying to get a “Not I” on video, but she of course stops the tantrum the second I take out the video camera. Not that I WANT the tantrums to continue, but man, this “Not I” stuff has youtube sensation written all over it.

Anyway, as it says, mid-scream she will declare that she needs to kiss me. And she will. And then the tantrum goes away, perhaps because the kiss softens me up. I am not made of stone. When a 2 year old declares she needs to kiss me, I melt a little inside, even if it’s mid-scream.

Well, she’s caught on to this. Now whenever I start to scold her, she declares that she needs to kiss me.

The manipulation works. I stop yelling at her and she comes over and gives me a kiss. Everything is forgotten until her next misbehavior.

On the plus side, she’s screaming a tiny bit less (but not much) and launches immediately into her “Kiss you, Mommy!” routine the second I tell her not to do something– which means she stops doing the bad behavior for as long as it takes to kiss me. On the minus side, the girl is totally using her kisses to get what she wants (a not-cranky mom). This does not bode well for her teen years.

I’m working hard not to react too much to this kiss ploy of hers, but man, it’s hard. I’m slowly desensitizing, but I doubt I’ll ever be hard enough not to be swayed by this “Kiss you, Mommy” stuff at least a little bit.


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