Hair Tie Skirts

Lily recently got giant hair scrunchies in a birthday party goody bag. I tried to get her to try them in her hair, though I doubted they would work out because her hair is so fine. I could easily use rubber bands from braces to tie ALL of her hair in a ponytail.

Anyway, she wouldn’t let me try the scrunchies, but insisted on playing with them. I came into the playroom to find the scrunchies around her My Little Ponies’ waists. Pinky Pie and Twilight Sparkle now wear skirts pretty much full time.

Naturally, ponies should wear skirts.

Why didn’t I think of that?



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3 Responses to Hair Tie Skirts

  1. Katie S

    That is the perfect use for those goofy 80/90s huge pony tail holders. :-)

  2. natalija

    I sleep in scrunchies! I have curly hair and it knots horribly if I don’t put it up at night, and rubberbands are hard.

    I did have those exact scrunchies, and they sucked as scrunchies. My Little Pony tutus are a much better use of them.

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