I’m Halloween

When I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween, Rose had no idea what I was talking about whatsoever. Lily said she wanted to be a kangaroo.

She was a kangaroo last year.

While the costume was very cute, I encouraged her to be something else. I like variety! Plus, the old costume was too small and new kangaroo costumes are pretty pricey. I lucked out finding the above costume for something like $8 at a used clothing store. They are about $50 new. But no, she was sure she wanted to be a kangaroo again. Not only that, but she wanted Rose to be a kangaroo.

And we lucked out at the used clothing store again. Both girls could be kangaroos for a measly $6. Being a kangaroo wasn’t enough, though. Last year even with bows everyone thought Lily was a boy. So we decided to make them kangaroo ballerinas.

Due to the lack of cheese cooperation around here, this will have to pass as an acceptable picture.

When Lily was two, she wanted nothing to do with her (pink puppy) costume. I couldn’t keep it on her. Well, Rose is two and her reaction to wearing a kangaroo costume?

“I’m Halloween! I’m Halloween!”

Halloween walking.

Lily: “You’re not Halloween! You’re wearing a costume. You’re a kangaroo ballerina!”

Rose: “No! I’m Halloween!”

Halloweens or kangaroo ballerinas, we’ll be trick-or-treating for a THIRD time tonight.

She didn't realize I was going to take a picture. That's why it turned out ok.

And the Woof Woofs are all ready for tricks and treats!

Lady Bug Baby Woof Woof and Disco Chick Mommy Woof Woof.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope my girls cooperate for better pictures tonight!


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