Lollipop Bandit

Last night we went to trick or treat at the local dying “mall” at which it seems our family can’t go without spending at least 3 hours a week. What draws us to this storeless, depressing “mall”? Why do we spend so much time there when there’s nothing there? It’s a mystery to me. Regardless, this post isn’t about our “mall” mystery. It’s about Rose’s lollipop behavior.

Rose loves lollipops. Every time we are in this “mall”, she insists on going to the candy store (Yes, somehow the empty mall supports a candy store. I don’t know how either.) and getting a Dum-Dum. It’s only 5 cents and I’m not all that paranoid about sugar, so I let her get it. This time it was like she won the lotto. People were standing all over the “mall” handing out lollipops. She got at least 10 of them.

Lollipop #1

She could not be contained to a single lollipop. Lollipop after lollipop went into this little kangaroo’s mouth.

They are like crack to her.

“Oh no! The sugar! And at night too!” you are thinking. Don’t worry. She didn’t finish a single lollipop.

She kept handing them back to me whole, telling me she was done and demanding new ones. I guess she wanted to try them all?

In total, she opened five lollipops but probably only consumed half of one lollipop.


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