My Do It

The Terrible Twos are here. Somehow, we skipped this stage the first time around, but now we have Rose to make up for it. Every. Single. Thing. I try to do for her these days gets met with a howl and a “My do it!”

“My” really wants to do everything herself.

"My" had to pick that apple herself, even though she wasn't strong enough to pull it from the branch.

Unfortunately, “My” does not have the capability of doing at least 50% of the things “My” wants to do. “My” can not fasten the lower buckle to her 5-point harness, but if you move in to do it for her, there are shouts of protest. She squirms, she kicks, she screams. You just want to leave, but “My” wants to do it!

“My” needs to learn that sometimes MOMMY needs to do it.

Unfortunately, it is still very difficult to reason with “My” despite her fierce desire to be independent and grown up.

What happens when "My" doesn't get to do it.

So, we try and try again until “My” either physically succumbs to our brute force to get her into the carseat or whatever or she realizes that really things get done more easily when Mommy or Daddy help. Either way, it’s rough times over here. I look forward to a time when “My” and her big sister really can do everything themselves, but for now, we’ll go to battle over who gets to fasten that seatbelt.



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  1. Seriously Jenica- Grace is just like Rose! Lily never did the “My do it” phase and Grace will have 100 tantrums a day because she thinks she can do everything herself and she just can’t do it. We did the car seat battle last month over here… now I just try to convince her that she “did” buckle herself in or otherwise it’s a battle getting her in the car seat! I don’t think we realized how lucky we were the first time around… I wonder if it’s the 2nd child thing or these girls are just more stubborn and independent? I’m terrified how Gabriel will be like…

    • I’m not sure which thing it is. I was the oldest kid and I’m told I had PLENTY of “My do it” moments and that Rose is just like me. Maybe it’s a combination of things because Rose sure wants to be more like our Lily. It is her goal in life!

  2. Trigem

    I cured my “My” of fighting the car seat by hiring a sitter. As soon as he started screaming over the car seat, I took him in the house and called the sitter. Then his brother and I went to the park or zoo or somewhere else fun. I made sure we went somewhere everyday for a week or so and soon “My” was more than willing to let me buckle the car seat.

    Didn’t cure all the terrible twos but at least going somewhere wasn’t a major production. He’s 12 today and I’m still waiting for an end to the drama.

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