Say Cheese

There is not a Friday Funny today because SOMEONE decided to be awake from 2-4 am and then SOMEONE did not take a nap. For the second of the last three nights. Needless to say, this does not get my creative juices flowing. It gets my anger and irritability levels way up, but creativity? Not so much. So instead, I bring you my cop out (but still hopefully a funny post. Maybe.).

Lily has gotten rebellious about saying cheese. Or has forgotten how to do it. It’s driving me absolutely insane.

Before she started preschool last year, she never said cheese. Then the week of class pictures, they had a unit where they learned how to say cheese the right way. Ever since then she’s been saying cheese just fine. However, all of a sudden she’s pretending she doesn’t know how to do it. In fact, after a week of terrible pictures, I asked her what she was supposed to do when I said “say cheese” and she claimed she didn’t know.

That made me yell. She totally knows. And yet the pictures keep turning out like this.

She won’t look at the camera. If she smiles, it’s an ugly smile. She shuts her eyes on purpose even if there is no flash. She puts her hand in front of her mouth.

Or she says cheese in a way that doesn’t result in a smile of any type.

Or purposefully (yes, I’m sure it’s on purpose) makes her face look like this.

I’m not sure how to get our cheese back. She got in big trouble over a series of non-cooperation the other day that ended with the “I don’t know what you are supposed to do when you say cheese” statement. After that fight, I did manage to get her to say cheese for real, but she’s doing a big fake smile that makes her eyes close.

It makes me sad and angry because I KNOW she can look like this in pictures if she really tried.

Maybe we’ll get the cute pictures back some day, but for now her selection of cute pictures in our photo albums are going to be slim. And if she ever asks me about it, I will show her exactly why.



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2 Responses to Say Cheese

  1. Emi

    There she goes. Proving once again that she is my niece.

  2. nonni

    Definitely related to Emi!!!!

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