The Red Nightgown

This book caused an overnight emergency at my mother’s house.

Lily chose this book at a used book store. For 50 cents, I couldn’t say no to a book about a little girl and her grandmother. Lily was going to visit my mom the next day, so it seemed fitting to get a book about visiting with grandma.

Unfortunately, the book ended up casting my mother and me $15 each, so 60 times what I paid for it.

Lily quickly became obsessed with this page. The little girl is getting ready for bed and has a surprise under her pillow from her grandmother.

Her grandmother hid a red nightgown under her pillow.

Lily: I really want a red nightgown.

Me: You do?

Lily: I want Nonni to get me a red nightgown. And one for Woof Woof.

As I said, she was going to visit my mother, aka Nonni, the very next day.

Me: Well, I don’t know if Nonni has a red nightgown for you, but we’ll be sure to get you one soon. You need more pajamas anyway.

Lily: I really want a red nightgown with polka dots on it like in the book. The grandma gets the little girl a red nightgown and Nonni is my grandma.

Me: Yes.

I called my mom immediately to warn her about the nightgown crisis. She cursed me and my book. “I don’t know if I’ll have time to get a red nightgown before tomorrow!”

Me: You don’t have to get her one. I just thought I’d let you know…

Because seriously, how special would it be for her to find a red nightgown under her pillow the night after she read this book? Pretty special, right?

And so, my mom ran out in the middle of the night on a hunt for red nightgowns. She was in luck, Kohls not only had a red nightgown, it also had a matching one for Woof Woof.

It's not worth going to sleep unless you and your Woof Woof are wearing matching nightgowns.

Naturally, I had to buy one for Rose and Baby Woof Woof too.



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2 Responses to The Red Nightgown

  1. nonni

    I wonder how many other grandmas ended up franticly running from store to store in search of a tiny red nightgown. And I wonder how many red nightgowns were sold as a result of this book!!! I’m sure there must be some kind of kickback!

  2. Maurina

    Nonni: You are the best grandma ever! This is the cuteiest story. I’ll have to look for it, the girl looks like my LD.

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