The Trouble with Picky

Because we’re crazy, we recently came home with a bushel of apples. Do we have any use for a bushel of apples? Do I cook or jar anything? No. We like apples just as much as the next guy, but I’m not much of a homemaker with ambitions of a year’s worth of apple preserves. Most of the reason we came home with a full bushel of apples was because the kids picked half a bushel so quickly and were having so much fun that we decided to keep going.

And now we have a bushel of apples we don’t really need. I’ve been cooking a few things and pushing apples at almost every meal. By the end of this, we might hate apples.

The trouble is, the kids won’t try ANY of the apple things I’ve made. Lily LOVES applesauce, but she won’t even taste my delicious homemade applesauce that is SO good that I actually ate it with ice cream the other day. She says she won’t eat it because applesauce is supposed to come out of a jar. I should be ashamed of myself, right? She also won’t eat a grilled hot dog. She insists that hot dogs need to be microwaved. What a sophisticated palette my child has!

I suppose I should go buy a jar and force the homemade applesauce on her, but you know what? More delicious applesauce for me. I also made apple crisp. The kids wouldn’t taste the apple part of it. They only ate the ice cream topping.

It’s not like I’m trying to force brussel sprouts on these kids. The stuff I just want them to taste tastes like CANDY and they won’t taste it!

It seems that this is the only way to eat an apple in their world.

I guess they only like apples in their natural form? I mean, apples are good and all, but apples stewed in brown sugar and cinnamon are better (though perhaps not better for you). Trust me.

Rose is also denying herself most kids’ favorite foods. Rose hasn’t been exposed to a lot of pizza or macaroni and cheese at our house because Lily has a dairy allergy (above ice cream was coconut milk-based). On the rare occasions we’ve had these childhood delicacies in the house, Rose refused to even taste them. It was very disappointing because I’d like a partner in crime in my love of macaroni and cheese since my husband hates all yellow cheeses (what is WRONG with him?!), but Rose turned her nose up at it.

Of all the things in the world my kids won’t eat, they are turning down foods traditionally known as childhood favorites. What kids don’t like applesauce, pizza and macaroni and cheese? Mine apparently.




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  1. Some kids need to see a food show up on their plates at least 3-4 times before they will even try it. However, when I was a camp counselor, if I came across a picky eater who would say “EWWWW I don’t like xyz!” The first thing I would ask is, “Have you even tried xyz??” When their answer would be indecisive, or “no”… we implemented the “Thank You Bite”, explaining it was polite to the chef to try one “TY Bite”….. 9 times out of 10, the same kid who told me eeewwwww I dont like it, would be asking for second and third helpings of the item they “didnt like”.

    Maybe with Lily, you can try this.

    • I’ve been getting Lily to try things with bribery, which is exactly what “experts” say you shouldn’t do. My bribery is usually fruit after you eat veggies and meat, so at least I’m not pushing candy? Sometimes she’ll really like what I’m forcing, but most of the time she’ll pretend like it makes her gag. I seriously doubt the chicken with a brown sugar glaze was that disgusting.

  2. Trigem

    Oh well more for you. When my boys were little, I had to throw away candy after every holiday because people couldn’t believe that they would not eat it and I certainly didn’t need that much. Now my daughter helps me out.

    And three or four times yeah. My oldest (15) has to take a small bite 200-300 times minimum to tolerate a new food. I’ve given up on meat and a lot of childhood favorites because after 9 or 10 years of just one bite I decided it wasn’t happening.

    • Yep, more for me. Finally got Rose to try the applesauce and she loves it, but more mac & cheese and pizza for me (which is sort of a bad thing, calorie wise. last time I threw out some of it just so I wouldn’t be tempted eat it all.).

  3. 3-4 times to like something? No way. I serve the girls what we’re having every single night (unless we want to keep it for ourselves) and 9 times out of 10 they don’t touch anything. And these are things like chicken noodle soup. I’m not trying to sneak in brussels sprouts either.

    Also, I freaking LOVE homemade applesauce and would kill for some of yours, and now my suggestible fetus wants ice cream. THANKS.

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