The Turn Around

I had huge doubts we would ever make it this long, but we managed to keep Rose rear-facing until she was 2 years old. This week we finally turned her around. I know some people wait even longer than this, but we’re nearing the weight limit on her already expensive carseat. The truth is we’d ALL be safer rear-facing. Unfortunately cars aren’t designed for us to do that indefinitely.

Experiencing the joy of being able to see what everyone else sees.

The first thing Lily said when she saw Rose was forward-facing:
“YAY! Now Rose can see the metal rainbow when we go to see Grandma and Grandpa.”

The "Metal Rainbow"

Lily calls the St. Louis Arch “the metal rainbow”. Apparently she enjoys seeing it a lot more than I thought. I always point it out to her and she always tries to find it and the Mississippi River. Last time we went to St. Louis, she kept asking Rose if she could see the “rainbow”, but Rose was facing the wrong way and didn’t know what we were talking about. If she did see the arch once we passed it, she didn’t give us any indication of it.

So the first thing she thinks about when Rose gets turned around? Rose seeing the arch.

And it’s true. There are so many things Rose can see now that she’s forward-facing. She’s enjoying actually understanding why I’ll say “Look, there’s cows” before another 2 minutes pass.

It’s also nice for me in that I can pass her snacks and drinks without contorting myself or possibly causing an accident. While rear-facing is safer in some ways, it’s also a little safer for all of us that I can reach her while she’s forward-facing without any effort.

I’m still not sure if staying rear-facing this long was worth it, but it’s done. And it’s possible if your kids’ legs aren’t as ridiculously long and spidery as Lily’s.

I’m sure Rose will be elated to finally know what Lily’s talking about when we pass the metal rainbow next time.



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  1. Trigem

    We had to wait until my youngest was over 2 for her to hit 20lbs. Her legs were all folded up but we were determined not to turn her around until she was at least 20 lbs. Your right, it is much easier when they are facing forward. and mine doesn’t get carsick as often.

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