Toy WTF: Vain Pony

Rose got a Princess Celestia My Little Pony for her birthday next week. She loves it, but all of us, including the gift-giver (my mother) are appalled by what Princess Celestia has to say about herself. She has to be the most narcissistic talking toy I’ve ever seen/heard.

Things Princess Celestia has to say about herself:

*My wings are so pretty.

*My barrettes look so pretty.

*I love when you comb my hair.

*Oh, my hair looks beautiful!

Wow. I mean, great that she has a good self-esteem, but that’s a little over the top. She says maybe four other things, so half of what she says is describing how beautiful she finds herself.

And while she is indeed a beautiful pony, WTF?


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  1. Hah. I think my kids have been listening to her. Both R and C are prone to looking at themselves in the mirror and coming out with, “Mommy, I look so BEAUTIFUL!”

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