A Tale of Two Woof Woof Costumes

As I’ve mentioned before, Rose spends 90% of her time in a Cinderella dress despite never having seen the movie herself. She just loves her blue dress and wants to be a princess all day long. So when we were at Build-A-Bear the other day and I saw a blue Cinderella dress for Baby Woof Woof, I couldn’t resist bringing it home (having a gift card helped prevent any hesitation I might have had).

Rose was ecstatic with my find and fell asleep holding the dress on the way home. The second she woke up in her bed at home, she started shouting about how Baby Woof Woof needed to be a princess. I put Baby Woof Woof and Rose in their matching Cinderella dresses and things couldn’t be more girly around here.

You almost can't tell them apart when they are dressed alike. Which one is Baby Woof Woof?

Actually, that’s not true. Things could be a LOT more girly.

After I found Baby Woof Woof’s Cinderella dress, I told Lily she could get an outfit for her Mommy Woof Woof. I suggested she get Mommy Woof Woof a sweater since Mommy Woof Woof’s winter comfort has been a concern of hers in the past. I also pointed out the Tinker Bell dress. I mean, if one Woof Woof is getting a princess costume, shouldn’t the other Woof Woof get a similar outfit?

Well, as it turns out Lily agreed with my assessment that Woof Woof should get something costume, but she didn’t agree with the princess choice. She went the total opposite direction there. She chose a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Mommy Woof Woof has no problems with her femininity.

That’s right, Rose got her girl Woof Woof a Cinderella ballgown and Lily got her girl Woof Woof a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Could the Woof Woofs' tastes in clothes be any more different?

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love it that Lily chose a Buzz Lightyear costume over a princess costume. All the other girls in the world would have jumped at the chance to get a princess costume for their Woof Woof. I love that she’s an independent thinker and that Buzz Lightyear ranks above princesses for her. I just find a lot of humor in her choice considering that her little sister was so enthusiastic about the Cinderella dress.

Check out the best part of the Buzz Lightyear costume.

Mommy Woof Woof can fly... or fall with style!

It has a jet pack! So Baby Woof Woof can run around looking girly, but Mommy Woof Woof is an astronaut from the future with the potential to “fly”.


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