Baby Clock

For ages, I’ve been searching for a reasonably priced clock for Rose’s room. It had to have red hearts on it. It had to be less than $20. It had to not make a ticking noise. I was held up by the ticking noise thing for some time because nothing in any product description has ever revealed if a ticking noise is involved. Finally, in a fit of whimsy, I bought Rose a $10 heart clock at Meijer the other day. I don’t have a picture of it, so let’s pretend it’s this one.

It wasn’t this one. I wish it was this one. This one is so much more perfect, though I’m insulted amazon describes it as a silly gift. It makes me question my tastes. Not a good selling point. I mean, yes, red hearts and ladybugs are obnoxious, but I’ve convinced myself that they are adorable in Rose’s room. And they are. Right? Right.

So I put the wall clock in the cart and Rose AND Lily start freaking out that they don’t want the wall clock. They want the “baby” clock. Let’s pretend it was this one.

It wasn’t this one. I wish it was. This is why we need a smartphone.

I tried to take the clock out of the cart and/or away from a kid, but every time I did, everyone got very upset.

“No Mommy! I don’t want the mommy clock! I want the baby clock!”

The clock was for them so it was hard to argue with them. But I really didn’t want the baby clock. First of all, Rose doesn’t have a dresser in her room so we don’t have a surface where it could sit. Second of all, I knew if Rose could reach the clock, she would mess with it constantly and it would never tell the real time. I wanted a wall clock in there so I could see the time and Rose couldn’t mess with it.

But they REALLY wanted the baby clock.

“What’s your problem? Get them the baby clock! We need more clocks anyway.”– Dr. Toy Warden

I didn’t want to spend that much money, but since Dr. Toy Warden is the maker and manager of the money I listened and we came home with two heart clocks.

Guess what’s been happening with the baby clock? Has it stayed on top of any dresser/bookshelf? Has it kept the right time at all? No, because small children have been playing with the dials constantly. They’ve also been setting off the alarm constantly and giggling wildly over it. This is why children should have wall clocks only. But whatever. Best $10 toy in a while in their book. Loud nightmare in mine.

Aside from the noise the girls didn’t know the baby clock made, I still don’t get why the baby clock is so superior to the mommy clock, but either way mommy clock is hanging on Rose’s wall displaying the correct time.

Unfortunately, both clocks making ticking noises that are only audible in the kids’ rooms AFTER you’ve thrown out the packing and the receipt. The ticking noises are so loud you can hear them on the baby monitor. Why, clock makers? Why must these clocks make noise? Is it an evil plot to annoy people or keep them awake? Why?

In any case, we now have $20 worth of clock we might not be keeping. Oh well.


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