Deprived, Part 2

My last post about toys my parents carelessly failed to get me (or perhaps wisely left out to prevent spoiling me beyond words) made me remember some more toys I never got. God forbid I not have had every toy ever when I was a child! I asked my husband what toys he wished he had when he was a kid and he said he couldn’t think of anything. He just played with stuffed animals. I find this baffling. And it’s not like he doesn’t remember his childhood. He can tell me exactly whose birthday party he went to in first grade. I guess he is a better person than I am– not jealous of the toys he never had when he probably had less toys than I did. I’m not that selfless. I wanted these damn toys.

Source: via Jenica on Pinterest


I never had a Barbie make-up head and I always always wanted one. Sure they were freaky body-less wonders, but it was so much fun to do their hair and put make-up on them. Actually, when I was a kid the Barbie make-up head probably looked more like this.

Source: via Jenica on Pinterest


While it’s true her hair never stayed nice and her face was quickly stained with lipstick, I just thought she was the coolest. How much better could my life have been with a Barbie make-up head? Obviously, I would be living a different life if I’d had her in it. While I was searching pinterest for a Barbie make-up head, I found this awesome Halloween costume.


Is that not simultaneously the most awesome and creepy thing you’ve ever seen? I want to be her friend.

I also accidentally came across this blast from the past.

Source: via Jenica on Pinterest


I had this Barbie, crimped hair, big bangs, Dep gel and all. She was the coolest. Check out that skin tight loud dress. Every girl wants to be her. Her hair became a rat trap almost immediately, but she was one of my favorite Barbies for a long time. In the late 80s/early 90s I just loved her hair and dress.

Anyway, enough about Barbie. Let’s move on to something far more important.

Source: via Jenica on Pinterest


My Buddy. I’m not really sure if I wanted a My Buddy so much as the commercial for this was so memorable.

How could you not want a My Buddy or a Kid Sister after that classic bit of commercial? Of course you had to have one. There was no choice. But I never had one (and, actually, I don’t think any of my friends had one either so I had no one to be jealous of).

Source: via Jenica on Pinterest


A Pogo Ball. “Jump out of the ’50s and into the ’80s!” I’ll get right on that, except I never did. I never had a Pogo Ball even though “in the ’80s it’s wicked cool to Pogo Ball.” In truth, whenever I tried someone’s Pogo Ball, I accomplished not a thing. I’m not coordinated at all. I hated doing physical activities. There was no real reason to want one of these, but everyone had them and they looked like so much fun and I wanted one! Look, it has a handy carrier strap for all your emergency Pogo Ball traveling needs. Clearly you’d use this to get from place to place because it could get you there faster… or slower than a turtle but whatever.


Super Mario Brothers 2. Based on playing it at other people’s houses, this was my favorite original Nintendo game ever. But I never had it. All I had was the Duck Hunt, Mario Bros, workout pad combo cartridge that came with our Nintendo and the original Legend of Zelda. We never expanded our game selection beyond that. Poor little spoiled girl.

Source: via Jenica on Pinterest


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I loved these guys and was really pretty good at drawing them at one point, but I never had any figurines. Disappointing.

I’m sure there’s more. What toys did you miss out on in your childhood?



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7 Responses to Deprived, Part 2

  1. Lis

    Oh wow. I had that Barbie too. Actually we had 2, one for me and one for my sister. We lost one of the dolls (or cut off her hair maybe?) but we always had both outfits.

    And we thought we looked great with that gel in our hair!

  2. Hahaha – i remember the my buddy/kid sister commercials and remember asking my mom why i never got one, and she told me “look at the age of the kid in the ad.. you’re too old for that!” Now, I never had a nintendo, but we did get the original sega genesis. The next door neighbor kids had a nintendo and sega, but they didnt have the games like i did for sega, so i remember trading games/borrowing them, and going over there to play nintendo.

    I did have a pogo ball, but my coordination SUCKED. I also had a skip-it….

    As far as toys we were deprived of… a good old fashioned slip and slide. We had my dads version of a slip n slide which was a piece of vinyl flooring (i think) and the hose running to make it slippery, but we never had any of those water toys (slip n slide, crocodile mile, etc)

    • We never had a sega and I was ok with it at the time. I didn’t realize how awesome those were until college. We had a slip n slide and a ridiculously steep hill in our backyard. Made for some fun times.

  3. I actually did have Super MArio 2 despite a similarly limited collection, and it was my favorite game. Only one I ever beat, albeit with cheat codes.

  4. Katie S

    My brother had a blonde My Buddy. His name was “Buddy” and he was my brothers little dopple ganger. I had a generic skip bo and always wanted a barbie head. We never had a nintendo but my neighbor and we were never very good at it. But we liked playing duck hunt every now and again. But we liked playing Oregon Trail on their very new computer with the monochromatic monitor.

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