There are certain toys I wanted my whole childhood, but they just got away. For whatever reason, no one ever bought me them. I had all the toys in the world, but somehow these got missed. This is the graveyard of the toys I never got.

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Peaches and Cream Barbie. Everybody had Peaches And Cream Barbie. Everybody except me. I’d go to friend’s house after friend’s house and Peaches and Cream Barbie was in each house taunting me with her ruffly peach ’80s dress. I wanted her, but our love affair was not to be.


Tropical Barbie Meiko. Again, all of my friends had Meiko. She was so pretty and Hawaiian. Her hair was long and somehow stayed looking nice at most of the houses where I saw her. Her swimsuit was so colorful. I wanted her for forever. In fact, at one point I was going to buy her for myself, but when I got to the store I discovered she was no longer available. Meiko would never be mine. I had 10 million other Barbies, but not her and I still remember.

Source: via Jenica on Pinterest


Rainbow Brite. I technically had ONE Rainbow Brite doll, but you can’t very well play Rainbow Brite effectively with only one doll. She needs her friends. Is she just supposed to run around by herself? I would try to have her play with my Barbies, but the scale was wrong and it always seemed off and I hated it. I just wanted more Rainbow Brite dolls. But I would only ever have the one. It was sad.


Strawberry Shortcake. I had the same problem with Strawberry Shortcake that I had with Rainbow Brite. I only had Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin. That’s it. I wanted it all. You can’t be properly spoiled unless you have ALL the dolls.


Chutes and Ladders. Chutes and Ladders was my favorite game to play at school and at friends’ houses, yet somehow I didn’t have Chutes and Ladders at home and I REALLY wanted it. How could I be deprived of this childhood classic? My parents recently bought Lily Chutes and Ladders and when I whined that I’d ALWAYS wanted it and they never got it for me, they claimed we had it. We didn’t. I always wanted to play it and it was never there. What kind of a childhood did I have without an at-home Chutes and Ladders?


She-Ra. I loved watching She-Ra, but I only got to see her a) when I was sneaking tv or b) when I went to this little boy’s house to be babysat. I never had a single She-Ra figurine. When I went to visit friends, I would drool over their She-Ra sets. She was never to be mine.

Source: via Jenica on Pinterest


MicroMachines. I had no interest in any other type of car toy, but for some reason I found MicroMachines incredibly appealing. I don’t know if it was because you could have a whole car garage with ramps and a car wash that could fit inside a lunch box or if there was a more perplexing reason. Whenever I went over to my friend Sarah’s house I obsessed over her MicroMachines and would play with them endlessly. I’m sure she was pushing for dolls while I drooled over her cars, but as a girl with NO car toys in my house I was really into hers.


Transformers. I wanted a Transformer SO BADLY, but I was a girl so no one ever got me one.


My kids have 10 zillion toys. They probably have more than I did at their age, though definitely not more than I did before I stopped playing with toys. I can’t imagine how they could possibly need more toys, but you know that someday they’ll be sitting there reminiscing about the toys that were missing. I think they have everything they want, but there’s probably some Peaches and Cream Barbie out there Lily will drool about from now until when she’s 30, but she’ll never have it. It’s too bad it will take at least another 20 years before I find out what was missing because I’m really curious about it right now. Not that they need to be any more spoiled than they are or I REALLY needed more toys, it’s just interesting to consider.


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  1. Nicole

    Peaches and Cream Barbie was great fun, until my sister decided to create Peaches and Cream Ken. That ruffly dress was no match for his plasticized buff self. The remnants may still be hidden in my parents’ basement.

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