Friday Funnies: How to Lose Your Bedtime Story v. 3.0

It’s been a while since anyone has lost her bedtime story at our house, but SOMEBODY did that very thing tonight giving me fuel for a long overdue Friday Funny.

How to Lose Your Bedtime Story

Even if she was hungry, we were talking about MAYBE 20 minutes of pick-up tops even if she worked slowly. The house is inexplicably in order this week. We’ve been home most of the time, so really the toy spatter should be more chaotic than usual, but it’s not. I don’t get it. I shouldn’t question it. It won’t last.

Rose rarely does much to help clean. I mean, she’s newly 2. I don’t expect much from her in the cleaning department, but she was totally into it tonight. Meanwhile Lily just stood there doing nothing. I repeated my orders several times and was picking up toys myself. Nothing from Lily.

I asked her this several times. Repeated my instructions. Asked again. She again claimed she didn’t know. I sent her to time out. When she came out, I asked her again what she should be doing as she stood there not cleaning. She said she didn’t know. I repeated myself AGAIN.

I asked her where she thought it was. She said she didn’t know so she couldn’t help. Meanwhile, her 2 year old sister is putting food in the oven.

And that’s how you lose your bedtime story, snack and tuck-in service at our house.


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