Jelly Bean Man

At a recent preschool event, the teacher announced that our children had artwork hanging on the back wall and we could go claim it. I went up to get Lily’s artwork and scanned over all the names to find hers. Her name wasn’t up there, but I knew right away which piece of artwork was hers– not by the drawing but by the caption.

It says “It’s a person Jelly bean. Jelly bean is stomping. Sad Jelly bean.”

Lily keeps coming home from school announcing that she’s drawn or painted jelly bean people. She’s drawn them at home before, but they’ve never been as elaborate as this. When I saw the word “jelly bean”, I figured it had to be Lily’s. I suppose drawing jelly bean people could be all the rage among the preschool set right now, but I took my chances and took the drawing off the wall. Sure enough, a teacher came up to me and went on and on about Lily’s jelly bean drawings and how each little jelly bean has its own story.

I think the big jelly bean is stomping the little jelly bean and the little jelly bean is sad, but the little jelly bean is smiling so I’m confused. The big jelly bean is frowning, but I don’t see how the little jelly bean could be stomping it.

Who knows. I can’t wait to bring home more jelly bean art at the end of the semester!


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