Losing an Hour



Whoever said you gain an hour of sleep for Daylight Savings Time doesn’t stay home with children. My children have internal alarm clocks and wake up at nearly the same time every morning: 8:30 am. In the Stay at Home Universe, I live in the lap of luxury. Most toddlers seem to wake up at 6 am. My kids have been kind enough to stay on this 8:30 am wake-up binge for 2-4 years.

Then every year Daylight Savings Time comes around and messes this up. Instead of continuing to wake up at what the clock says is 8:30 and gaining us all an hour of sleep, my kids wake up when their internal clock says is 8:30– 7:30 am.

While 7:30 am isn’t much to complain about, let’s think about the moms whose kids always get up at 6 am. They are getting up at 5 am. Don’t tell me they’re not, I have spoken to at least 50 other Stay At Home Moms who have confirmed otherwise. It’s no fun.

That along with it becoming dark outside at 5:30 when my child wants to play on her swingset before bed makes me burn with rage for Daylight Savings Time. Why do we have this? Why?

You can explain all the scientific and sociological reasons we hold on to this archaic ritual, but it’s not going to make me like it any more.

Daylight Savings Time is evil and that’s all there is to it.

Looking forward to when we spring ahead and everyone sleeps until 9:30. That’s a far nicer problem to have.


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