Muppet Education

Last week at Walgreens, I pointed to a Kermit the Frog doll and asked Lily who he was.

She didn’t know.

I was absolutely horrified. I had clearly failed as a mother. How could I let my child get to 4 years old without teaching her about the Muppets? This is clearly way more important than learning her manners or how to read. How could I neglect this important responsibility?

So Friday we took her to a matinee of “The Muppet Movie”. We took Rose too and it was her very first movie. Even though she is only newly 2 years old, I knew Rose would be an excellent movie watcher because when the tv is on the girl doesn’t move an inch, unlike Lily who is all over the place all the time no matter what show is playing. Sure enough, Rose was entranced by the giant screen. She couldn’t believe her eyes! Who knew tvs could be so big?

She also had quite a bit to say about the Muppets.

“Look! ‘Sesame Street’!” was said quite a bit. I kept explaining it wasn’t “Sesame Street”, though she was right that it looked like “Sesame Street”.

“Where Elmo?” she kept asking. He never materialized. Thank goodness.

The second Kermit started talking, Rose yelled (yes, yelled. Sorry, people sitting around us.) “ERNIE!!!!!!”

Which wasn’t wrong and is, in fact, brilliant. Kermit and Ernie have the same voice. Later she said Fozzie was Bert. Also true.

After the movie and some intensive Muppet DVD training (we have Season 2 on DVD and it’s great), my girls are now Kermit and Miss Piggy fans. They still can’t identify some key characters, but their Muppet knowledge has vastly improved.

Clearly an important task for me as a mother. I couldn’t live with myself if they somehow made it to college without knowing who Kermit was. It would be like those kids in college right now who don’t know who the Beatles are. I wasn’t even alive when the Beatles were together and I find that an atrocity. My kids will not be THOSE kids.

That said, now that I’m an old lady in my thirties a ton of pop culture is passing me by, which means it is passing my kids by. Which means I will miss SOMETHING important that will someday make some future professor blanch in horror when talking to my child and realizing she’s never heard of… “The Office” or something.


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  1. Maurina

    You’ve done us all a great service with this warning. I need to get Leilani some Muppet Education so I don’t repeat this mistake. Thanks!

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