Pizza Cake

Despite the fact that Lily has a dairy-allergy and has never had a bite of real pizza (dairy-free pizza, yes, but that’s not really pizza), she’s obsessed with toy pizzas. She loves taking the triangular pieces apart and putting them back together to make a circle. For her birthday, I got her a toy cake with triangular pieces you can decorate with flowers, cookies and berries. She was ecstatic for the same reason she loves her toy pizza– she loves serving the pieces, then putting them back together to make a circle.

During yesterday’s tea party, I had to giggle when she combined her toy pizza and cake to make pizza cake.

They fit together perfectly– 6 pieces of cake and 6 pieces, so I suppose it makes sense.

I just don’t think a supreme pizza could taste very good mushed on top of a strawberry-flavored cake.

But who knows. I hear chocolate-covered bacon is fantastic.

Speaking of cake, I have a guest post about Lily’s birthday cake over on Finding My Blog today. Check it out!


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