Sleeping with the Enemy

I’m watching “Sleeping with the Enemy” tonight and have a lot of snarky thoughts about it, thus I am talking about a grown up movie instead of a kid movie today.

*Why the hell would you rent a giant empty old house that makes creepy noises and has a million nooks and crannies when you are already scared for your own safety? It seems to me that an apartment, with tons of other people nearby to hear you scream when your husband breaks in, would be a lot safer. Also, what does one person need with all that space?

*How many times can one man yell “LAURA!” when his wife disappears? I’m watching this movie on WE and they made a ton of cuts to it, but he still screams “Laura” no less than 30 times. We get it. You’re heartbroken and mostly insane. Noted.

*You are worried about your security enough that you won’t go visit your mother unless you are wearing a disguise, and yet you leave your windows open and your door unlocked constantly. Smart.

*Ben, the new love interest, is totally creepy and comes after Julia Roberts in creepy ways.
–He invades her personal space and takes apples out of her nightgown while she’s standing in the dark the first time he meets her.
–He insists on a date relentlessly to the point that it’s almost sexual harassment. I have no idea why she agrees to this.
–He mentions watching Julia Roberts walking around downtown. Ok, stalker.
–Every approach makes you wonder if he’s the enemy she’s sleeping with. Perhaps that was the point, but it makes it awfully hard to be a fan of that relationship.

*Why would you leave the gun unguarded next to the man who just tried to kill you when you haven’t taken his pulse yet? Or otherwise? And after he apparently died the second time, why leave the gun in his hand? GET THAT GUN OUT OF THERE.

*If you thought something was wrong in your house and someone evil was in it with you, why would you search for that person instead of just running out of the house as fast as you could? WHY?



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  1. they just wanted to make you say “do not go in there!!!”- – i told you so .. lol

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