$5 of Joy

EDIT: This was supposed to be posted tomorrow, but I guess I messed up my scheduling dates! Oops! So much for getting ahead. Enjoy it early.

We’re on night 8 of Wheneveryouwannukah Hanukkah over here (it’s officially night 2 to the rest of the Jews). Monday night we had our unexpected biggest hit so far. What do you think it was? Surely it must have been some big expensive toy that the girls have been begging for, right?

Wrong. The combined total of BOTH gifts was $5.

Most luxurious Hanukkah present ever!

I gave them a box of crayons to share and two coloring books from The Dollar Tree. The coloring books were of My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake. When the kids opened them, the level of excitement in here was insane. They were bouncing off the walls excited and screaming about the coloring books and new crayons. It was the type of reaction I’d have if I’d won the lottery. I wish I’d had my video camera going, but who’d have known? I thought I was giving them a sell-out junk gift.

We have not had this type of reaction for any of the other gifts we’ve given them EVER. Their gifts this Hanukkah have ranged in price from $1 to $35. Although they seem to have liked everything, in comparison their reaction was luke warm at best for the $35 presents.

If I had known how exciting a $1 My Little Pony coloring book would be, we’d have spent $16 total for Hanukkah instead of the hundreds we ended up spending!

It just goes to show, with little kids (and perhaps all kids) how much you spend has very little to do with how much they like the gift. Next year I’m buying a lot more things at the dollar store!


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