Just a Girl

Lily: I’m a girl!

Me: What makes you a girl? How do you know you are a girl?

Lily: I have eyelashes!

Not entirely an incorrect assessment if we were living in a cartoon world, but we are not. I explained what REALLY made her a girl– the “girl parts” if you will– and that boys have eyelashes too. The next day I asked her again what made her a girl.

Lily: Everything I do, I am a girl. I’m just a girl.

I thought this was a profoundly brilliant statement about her assessment of herself. True, she was doing a 100 piece puzzle of the globe at the time and sitting next to her Toy Story toys, but she was wearing a pink sparkly outfit and listening to a Disney princess CD– both things she chose for herself that day.

Indeed, she is just a girl.


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