If you couldn’t tell from the museum post, we just got back from a week-long trip to Dr. Toy Warden’s parents’ house in St. Louis. Sorry posting this week was on the light side! I will make up for it next week.

During this trip, Rose spent a lot of time with her same-age cousin, who was staying in the same house as us. She got VERY possessive of me. Whenever he was even in the room with us, she would run to me, stand in front of me, put her hand out and say “NO! THIS IS MY MOMMY!” as if her cousin would try to take me.

The defensiveness has extended to other toddlers. She doesn’t care if I hold a baby, but if a toddler walks near me in public she yells “NO! THIS IS MY MOMMY!”

I guess I’m an item to be coveted. No sharing allowed. Other parents just sort of chuckle when this happens and I shrug my shoulders and tell her the other kid wasn’t trying to take me and she shouldn’t yell… but I have to admit: I kind of like it.

At the very least, it’s funny.


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