Return of the Tooth, Part 2

As I posted yesterday, Lily’s twice broken tooth was in danger of being yanked from her wee little 4-year-old mouth, resulting in a redneck gap in her mouth for 2-4 years until her adult tooth arrived. The diagnosis was made over the phone by the all-knowing dentist Friday, but our appointment for him to actually see and diagnose the tooth in person wasn’t until Monday.

By the time Monday arrived, I was absolutely positive that I would be up close and personal in the observer’s perspective of a tooth extraction. I had gotten over most of my superficial fears (but let’s face it, I was sad every time I looked at her beautiful mouth and tried to picture it less one prominent front tooth). I was terrified of Lily’s pain and almost equally scared of my nightmare view of watching what was sure to be a brutal dental procedure. If I wanted to see more blood and gore in my life, I would have become a doctor.

When we got to the dentist Monday, the dentist immediately saw that he was right in his diagnosis that Lily’s tooth was infected, but a miracle occurred. The x-ray revealed that only ONE root was dead and infected. There was enough living root left to save the tooth!

Our nightmare was far from over as Lily needed to endure what looked like a torturous (but really really inexpensive considering! YAY! #badmomthoughts) pulpotomy (which as far as I can tell from my layman’s knowledge is basically a kid version of a root canal). Lily cried and struggled a few brief times, but was really amazing given the circumstances. The procedure looked miserable and I’m extremely impressed with her ability to NOT scream and struggle the entire time. I mean, that’s what I’d want to do and I’m an adult! I can’t imagine what it must be like to be 4 years old and go through all of that insanity.

Things went well with the procedure, but the tooth is still in danger. We are going back for a recheck in 2 weeks. In the best case scenario, the tooth will last 2 more years before something else needs to be done… but at that point Lily will be 6 years old and 6 is a perfectly acceptable time to lose a tooth.

Because Lily was so incredibly brave, I got on the phone with the tooth fairy when we got back to the car to tell her that she should bring Lily a present even though Lily hadn’t actually lost her tooth. The tooth fairy had previously told me on the phone that she would bring a movie for Lily to watch during the day and then bring her a present while she was sleeping. We have a VERY generous tooth fairy when it comes to horrific dentist-induced tooth losses. Also, did you know that I have the tooth fairy’s direct phone number? I DO.

Lily: What is her phone number, Mommy? I want to call her!

Me: Only mommies and daddies get the tooth fairy’s phone number. Otherwise kids would be bothering her all the time!

The tooth fairy told me she’d leave Lily’s present in the basement before we got home. Coincidentally, I’d put all of the kids’ Hanukkah presents in the night before. These two things were obviously totally unrelated.

The tooth fairy brought Lily “Shrek 4″. Man, that tooth fairy is psychic as to specific things Lily has been asking for. It’s almost as if she lives with Lily or something.

So, Lily got to keep her tooth AND she got a visit from the tooth fairy. What a lucky girl. Except for the part where she had to have a yucky dental procedure, I mean. That part sucked.

Will this be the end of Lily’s tooth saga? Man, I really hope so. If I have to spend another dime on that baby tooth, I might yank it out myself (though, interestingly enough, the pulpotomy cost $20 LESS than an extraction. What’s the deal with that?).



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  1. Natalija

    I knocked my front teeth out when I was four. I was pretending to be a ballerina, I got dizzy and slammed right into my parents’ old fashioned wooden stereo. Not only did I knock out my teeth, I knocked a double tooth shaped chunk of wood from the stereo.

    I didn’t look as bad as we thought, and I honestly don’t remember anything of the period after I knocked them out. It wasn’t terrible missing those two front teeth.

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