The BED room

This is what Rose’s room looks like right now.

Clearly we are destined for a home decor magazine.

That’s right, her smallish room currently houses a full-sized bed, a toddler bed and a crib. It’s literally wall-to-wall bed in there.

I swear we aren’t crazy. Or maybe we are. You decide.

We want to move the girls into the same room, so when a friend offered up a free toddler bed I nabbed it. While Rose already had the full-sized bed and has been sleeping in it for months, the room will be a lot more livable with two girls in it if we have either two twin beds or a twin and a toddler bed. Getting a toddler bed means putting off purchasing a second twin bed for a year.

Clearly they will share the room as two kids in a toddler bed. They will get a TON of sleep this way.

The thing is, Rose isn’t quite ready to share a room. She’s been waking up lately. If we put them in the same room during this night terror/teething/whatever the hell reason my 2 year old is up at 3 am once a week streak we’re having, Lily will be waking up too. The big move-in is on hold even though all the furniture is here.

But moving some of the furniture to the basement at this point just seems like a lot of extra work. In the long run we will be moving the crib and the full-sized bed into Lily’s room because Rose still naps in the crib… and other reasons.

So we’re just on hold with this wall-to-wall bed situation of craziness.

Come on, Rose, start sleeping again so we can move forward with the furniture moving/room sharing plan!

Oh well, Rose is very excited by the princess bed and sleeps in it every night, making the full-sized bed just something that’s taking up half the room for no good reason.


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