The Biggest Barn

While at my parents’ house, Lily used my old circa 1986 German wooden block and figurines to make “a barn”. The barn was built out of the blocks meant to build cities, as well as a few spares, and was gigantic as you can see. She filled it with animals, all of which were sleeping. Sure they are sleeping. In my world, this many animals lying down at once is evidence of a slaughter. Also, there is no door to this barn. Everyone is trapped there for all eternity.

In the distance, she created a forest and a parking lot. None of the animal or people figurines walked through this landscape, it just existed for the purpose of creating it.

I think it might be time for Legos, no?



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  1. One of my absolute favorite toys growing up was a bunch of wooden blocks. Nothing special, just different sizes of wooden blocks. There were long pieces, short pieces, round pieces, half moon pieces, triangle pieces, square pieces… etc…. I think most of them were wood pieces my dad cut and sanded. I had the original fisher price little people and small inch long round pieces about the circumference of a nickel and square pieces about the same size, that i used as “people”. Some of these pieces were painted, others were just plain wood. I built houses (with multiple rooms), schools (with multiple classrooms), towns, forests, and had loads of imaginative fun with the blocks. My parents provided a large square piece of flat countertop that I could put on the carpet and have a stable surface to “build”.

    I love blocks.

  2. In fact, upon closer inspection of your picture, the set you had was very similar to my set. The purple round and orange square pieces were the ones i used as “people”. The red blocks without the dots on them were used as “beds”. The light blue blocks (were dark blue in my collection) and were used as “desks” for the school.

  3. nonni

    There was a door! She showed us that one of the orange blocks could be opened and closed. Obviously she is a better architect than you give her credit for!

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