Tricking a 2 year old

One of Lily’s larger Hanukkah presents is a Leapfrog Scribble and Write (and I highly highly recommend this toy to people with kids who are learning to write their letters. It’s amazing!). She played with it over at a friend’s house recently and was overjoyed when she opened it here. The toy was about $20. The same night, I gave Rose a $3 imitation Magna Doodle. Even though The Scribble and Write talks and lights up, Rose is convinced her $3 non-electronic Magna Doodle rip-off is the exact same toy as what her big sister got.

Clearly these toys are identical.

While both toys involve drawing on an erasable board, they are clearly very different. But Rose KNOWS it must be the same toy. Whenever Lily plays with her Scribble and Write, Rose sits right next to her and draws on her Magna Doodle. She even proudly declares “I’m drawing letters!” (She’s not. Except for maybe “O”.)

I wonder when she’ll figure out that Lily got the better toy that night?


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  1. Probably when Rose is Lily’s age, in which case, then Lily gets the next step up, and Rose can get the new updated version of Lily’s toy lol….

    When i was a kid, all we had was speak and spell, speak and read, and speak and math lol.

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