Ballerina Wannabe

Every Monday, Lily has a ballet class and Rose has to tag along with us. The first month or so of class, Rose would burst into tears when she didn’t get to go into the dance class. Rose is big for her age and I mistakenly put Lily in the class for 3 year olds instead of 4 year olds, so 2-year-old Rose looks like she belongs with the other girls in class. Rose is pretty much the same size as they are.

Rose eventually accepted that she is not in the class, partially because she thinks it’s a ton of fun to hang out with our friend’s son while the class is in session. Lately, though, Rose has yanked off her shoes the second we walk into the studio and dances around the waiting area with all the other girls. She refuses to put her shoes back on while she’s at the studio and wants to spend the rest of the day in socks since the other girls are out of their street shoes.

I decided to get Rose a pair of used ballet slippers so she could really dance around the studio with the other girls and NOT be barefoot or in just socks all around the studio and nearby play area. I thought she would think it was fun to wear slippers just like the other girls. For just $5, it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.

When Rose saw she had ballet slippers to change into at dance class, she was ecstatic.


The other girls went into ballet class and Rose had to stay out in the lobby with me.

The whole jealousy over Lily being in dance class when she was not was renewed. I hadn’t thought of it, but when Rose saw she had ballet slippers she thought SHE would get to join ballet class after all these months. She was heartbroken that this was not the case. She cried and cried.


It’s the thought that counts?

When Rose is old enough, we will put her in ballet. Until then, she’ll just have to watch from the sidelines. Barefoot.


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  1. nonni

    That’s so sad…

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