Because the Miniature Horse was Lonely

As promised last week, this week you get to hear what happened when the miniature horse got lonely. Given that my parents got a llama because the horse was lonely, I’ll bet you can guess where this is going.

Shortly after Lily was born, my mother got a miniature horse for free. My mother always seems to know someone who wants to give her some sort of strange animal. It’s really uncanny how she attracts these charity animals to her.

My mother in the comment section of this very post:
“Little Charleyhorse was a freebie! How could I say no?”

There’s no such thing as a free horse. Let me assure you. There are vet bills and food and much more. BUT ANYWAY, she got Charley Horse, who is at least her second free horse, maybe her third. As anyone ever offered you a free horse? I didn’t think so.

He looks downright sexy in this picture-- like when Donkey in Shrek got turned into a stallion!

If you aren’t familiar with miniature horses, they are just that: dwarfed horses. They are smaller than most ponies and usually have the same build as horses. Word to the wise: Ponies are not baby horses. Ponies are a smaller breed of horse with a stockier build. Foals are baby horses.

If I remember correctly, Charley Horse wasn’t getting along with the other miniature horses on his farm, so my mom took him in to give my then 4-month-old a “pony”. Charley Horse is actually pretty big for a miniature horse, but so little that no adult could ride him. Therefore, he can not be broken and no child will ever actually be able to ride him. He mostly just exists for show and entertainment value.

After Charley had been on my parents’ land for a while, he started bothering the other horses. He had absolutely no fear and would do things well worthy of getting kicked in the face. The thing is, he was so small that if he was kicked by one of the full-sized horses he could easily be killed.

As you can see, Charley was being pretty stupid to pick on a full-sized horse, no?

My mother decided he was acting out because he was lonely due to being the only small horse on their property. Basically he needed to have someone his own size to pick on to prevent getting killed by someone bigger.

And that’s why my mom logically bought herself a baby miniature donkey named Gizmo.

See? A free horse is never free! He needed his own donkey.

Gizmo was only a little baby when my mom bought her and wasn’t weaned yet. The donkey breeder let my mom temporarily take Gizmo’s mother home with her while Gizmo was adjusting to life in a new place. Gizmo’s mother never went back, though. One of my mom’s boarders/friends fell in love with the mommy donkey (now named Annabelle) and bought HER.

So now my parents have two miniature donkeys on their property and probably always will.

Best friends for life!

I mean, it was the obvious choice. How could they NOT get a miniature donkey? The miniature horse NEEDED one. Or two.

Next Thursday: What happened when the peacock got lonely.

No, really.



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8 Responses to Because the Miniature Horse was Lonely

  1. nonni

    Little Charleyhorse was a freebie! How could I say no? When we bought Gizmo, she wasn’t weaned and had never been handled before. It would have been too stressful to bring her home without her mom under these conditions. I suggested that he wean her and we would come back to get her. That is when he offered us the option of temporarily taking the mom home too. It was a good idea actually. We had not expected Annabelle to stay but we are happy she did!

  2. Allison C

    I love happy animal stories – no matter how crazy they may be! Thanks for the giggles :)

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  4. Not THAT cruel

    Miniature horses are not actually dwarfed horses, strictly speaking. The world’s smallest horse is both a miniature horse and has dwarfism, so she looks all messed up.

    • Not THAT cruel

      whoops, that went through early. She travels the US so you see her
      it’s something like There’s another horse claiming this, but he’s already taller than she is so they are saying “world’s smallest stallion”

    • A couple sites I researched on called them dwarfed horses, but I guess I should know better than to trust the internet.

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