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My husband Dr. Toy Warden spends a lot of time looking at NFL box scores during football season. There is almost always an ESPN window open somewhere on his laptop. I’m not sure what this accomplishes because he also watches parts of many of the games and listens to or watches many many sports reports, but whatever he enjoys I suppose. I for one can not wait for football season to end as I’m not a fan and somehow half my social networking sites seem to be about nothing but football when the games are on. It’s super annoying. Bah humbug. I celebrate the Super Bowl as a break from all this football insanity!

Anyway, Dr. Toy Warden was looking at a page like this when Lily came up and said “That’s football, Daddy!”

I know it’s not the best picture in the world, but let me assure you there is not a single football image on this screen.

“How did you know that?” Dr. Toy Warden asked.

Lily didn’t have a real answer for him. She said she just knew it was football. She then started reading all the numbers on the screen like Rain Man. Or a 4-year-old future engineer who is currently obsessed with math and counting.

Dr. Toy Warden declared Lily a football genius for knowing the box scores meant football. I personally think Lily’s just aware that Daddy spends more of his free time than he realizes following football. If he’s looking at something on his computer, it is probably football!


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