Force Field Broken

Lily has finally breeched her force field around her bed, and in fact yesterday morning came downstairs by herself with no one there and stayed there without waking me up. Rose had had a rough night and was up from 2:30 to 5:30 am for no good reason. Rose and I were sacked out together in my bed and Dr. Toy Warden had left for work.

When I came downstairs for the day, I was shocked to discover Lily downstairs completely dressed, alone and waiting for us.

I asked Lily why she hadn’t woken me up.

“I went to go get you, but I saw that you and Rose were sleeping. You looked tired so I let you sleep.”

I told her she could have woken me up so that I could feed her breakfast and she wouldn’t have to be alone downstairs because, you know, she’s only 4 years old. I’m not sure if I’m 100% comfortable with her being alone downstairs for who knows how long without my knowledge while I sleep upstairs. If I had known she was awake, I would have come downstairs!

“You and Rose looked so tired. You needed to sleep!”

Profoundly true. And thoughtful.

I asked her if she was scared or lonely downstairs alone.

“No. I knew you were upstairs if I needed you.”

So… I guess this is something that’s going to happen now that the force field is broken. If only the broken force field would result in her being potty trained for night. That’s probably too much to ask though.



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  1. My mom told me that when I was Lily’s age, she used to put a cup of milk (separate from the gallon/half gallon we had) in the fridge, and show me where the cereal was and would leave a bowl out on the counter. I think for a while she actually put the cereal in a smaller ziplock bag. The point was, that I could get the cereal and bowl, pour the cereal in the bowl, then pour the milk from the cup. In this way, I could get my own breakfast without help from mom, and mom could get some peace and quiet upstairs while i watched cartoons downstairs early in the morning without waking her up. I knew as a kid that she was always upstairs if I needed her, but it was easy enough for me to feel “independent” to get my own breakfast.

    • I’ll have to instruct her to eat a cereal bar or something. My kids are spoiled and eat hot (microwaved) breakfasts everyday, but our microwave is built in above the stove. She’ll never be able to reach it! I guess she’d be ok on her own, but it was so strange to find her down here when she’d never done it before!

  2. Trigem

    Glad to hear the force field is down. I agree with The Bus Driver about breakfast. I did the same thing with my oldest when his brother was giving me trouble at nights as a toddler. I was on the same floor however. I’m not sure how I would have felt if he were wandering around downstairs.

  3. time to invest in “make your own” cereals lol.

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