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I just had photos developed and I swapped out some of the old pictures I had hanging in the house for new ones. Among them was one of my favorite pictures of Rose of all time.

That’s right, it’s a picture of her crying. I’ve posted it here before because I think the photo is hilarious. It’s the ultimate ironic picture of a child. Her shirt says “Guaranteed to make you smile” while her face is all dramarama tantrum. The tantrum was about a pair of sunglasses that weren’t cooperating with her. I assure you she was not needlessly suffering. It was just a terrible two moment.

Anyway, I framed the photo even though it is a picture of a kid crying. I love this photo that much. It always makes me smile.

Rose apparently feels much differently about the photo.

She first noticed the picture two days ago. Every time she passes it she stares at it and says “Oh no! Rose is crying!” At first, this was amusing, then yesterday she came up to me with a very sad face and crawled in my lap.

“Rose is crying,” she said.

“You’re not crying.”

“Yes, there,” she pointed to the picture and looked very sad.

“Does that make you sad?” I asked and her eyes filled with tears.

And I felt like the worst mom in the world.

Apparently Rose is not old enough to appreciate the irony of the “Guaranteed to make you smile” crying picture. Seeing herself cry makes her sad. She apparently really feels for herself… it’s way more sympathy than she shows when her sister is crying. So, the picture of Rose crying is coming down and the old picture of our Korean wedding ceremony is going back in its place. If I had known the picture would upset her so much, I never would have framed it!


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