The Amazing Stretch Girl

This video is only 13 seconds long and reveals 4-year-old Lily’s amazing ability to easily fit through a door meant for a Barbie doll.

This is a Little Tykes dollhouse. I bought it at a garage sale for like $5 when Lily wasn’t big enough to play with dolls, so we used it to house her books for a very long time. We recently moved our girls in together and bought new furniture. There is no longer room for this giant dollhouse in either of our kid bedrooms, so we moved it to the basement. After we moved it out from the wall, Lily started repeatedly crawling through the door. It blew me away. She still only weighs in at 30 pounds at 4 years old despite our constant efforts to fatten her up, so I obviously knew she was thin, but this is ridiculous!

We asked Rose to crawl through the door and she doesn’t fit. Rose is actually pretty slim, but there’s no competing with Lily for thinness. We are glad Rose weighs more because it means less doctor’s lectures. It’s amazing not to have to return to the doctor on a regular basis for weight checks or defend yourself that you do, in fact, feed your child regularly. Anyway, even if Rose’s little toddler belly fit through the door (it doesn’t) her head is way too big for it! She’s tried both ways and has never been able to get anything but her legs through it. Of course, she wouldn’t cooperate on video for this experiment, but trust me, it’s true. Rose does not fit!

So, Lily has this talent… for probably another year. Have you ever seen anything so crazy? Dr. Toy Warden and I were just in awe. Not that it’s actually a talent, but who knew that she would fit?

It’s actually kind of disturbing. But mostly entertaining! Until our next doctor’s lecture anyway…



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  1. Jenna

    Oh man, it is so nice to hear from another persone with a small kid. One of my fraternal twin girls is just under 15 pounds at 18 months adn we also have to go to the pediatrician once a month. On the one hand, it is nice to make sure she is doing OK, but on the other, I hate feeling like I have to defend myself each time (yes, we do feed her!). Were there any strategies you used to help her gain weight? Did she have any physical delays that you had to work with? My T is not standing on her own yet, hoping that she will soon.

    • They always tell us to feed her more things with butter and cheese– which we can’t do because she’s allergic to milk. I do let her eat as many desserts as she wants, which I know isn’t healthy, but hey she needs the extra calories! I also feed her a lot of peanut butter and guacamole. It doesn’t seem to make any difference. They want her on soy pediasure, but I’m not comfortable with an extra 200 calories a day because I believe she’s meant to be this petite. She’s half Asian and both families have very tiny children. Her cousin has similar issues gaining weight. She’s run on the tall side at times. She has smaller bones than any of her friends. She didn’t have any physical delays and walked at 13 months and does very very well academically, so I am not worried about her development at this time. I believe she hit 20 pounds at about 18 months, but weight gain has been super duper slow since then. I hope your T stands and walks soon!

      • Jenna

        Thanks! I do a lot of peanut butter and dairy too. Right now, I am just letting her eat whatever she wants and as much of it as she wants. I know, not healthy because all she wants is sweet things, but I figure as long as she is eating she is OK. I have her on pediasure as well to make sure she gets all her vitamins.

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