The Nightmare Strikes

Well, the girls FINALLY got what I HOPE was MY stomach flu because otherwise I’m probably about to get stomach flu for the second time in two weeks while pregnant. Now, as we all know stomach flu is no fun, but I can tell you from experience that it is like 10 times worse when you are pregnant. Recovery is super slow and your morning sickness returns for a week or so. Not good.

Lily’s stomach flu episode happened in a way that made me feel like a horrible demon mother. She was picking up her toys SUPER DUPER slow and I was ragging on her big time to speed it up and clean already. What was her problem anyway? Just pick up the damn crayons, already.

Aside from moving slowly and seemingly ignoring my requests, she seemed fine.

And then she threw up. While I was yelling at her.


Instructions have been issued to ALWAYS tell Mommy and Daddy when you don’t feel well. I never would have made her clean if I knew she was sick, let alone yell at her for moving slowly! She was moving slowly because she felt like crap.

Total Worst Mom Moment.

Luckily her tummy bug was short-lived. There was only one vomit episode, a brief fever and she was pretty much ok by the next day.

Flash forward to 3 am Tuesday morning. Rose was sleeping in our bed. I usually discourage this because it tends to go something like this cartoon that’s been making it’s way around facebook.



(You can click on the image to see the whole thing. I’m not sure how to resize from pinterest.)

Yep. Rose prefers the “H is for Hell” position with a dash of “Jazz Hands”.

The only reason I let her in my bed that night was because she had napped SUPER late and was fighting going to bed in her own bed. I thought she’d probably fall asleep easier if she was with me or at least I’d know where she was! Things went better than usual for us co-sleeping. Usually she wakes me up by kicking me 10 zillion times.

I hadn’t heard a peep when at 3 am she started whimpering and then the big explosion happened. On me. On the sheets. On our dry-clean only comforter. Ugh. 3 am.

Just another reason to hate co-sleeping.

I guess at least we were there to help her right away? Ew.

So far her bug is going like Lily’s did — one vomit episode, quick recovery so we were lucky there.

But as I said before every kid puke incident makes you question your sanity in becoming a parent. Right now I’m terrified of what happens when there are three tummy bugs to get over! It’s going to happen someday, you know. Someday, all three of my children will explode and I will want to run screaming in terror, but it will be MY job to clean it all up and comfort everyone.

What was I thinking? ;)


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  1. Awww the puke flu is no fun. It hit me in late August, early September this year and really knocked me for a loop. Early for the virus, but hey I was due for a good go around. At least you know that virus doesn’t stay long, just hits and runs and then everyone feels better till the next round of germies that walk through the house.

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