The Scapegoat Answer

The correct answer to yesterday’s mystery was d) inside a rogue Halloween trick-or-treat pumpkin.

I was beginning to think we’d never see 50% of our Little People again. I walked into the kitchen and noticed somebody has left our purple trick-or-treat pumpkin under the breakfast bar. Most people only use trick-or-treat pumpkins on Halloween. At our house, these pumpkins have been year-long toys for two years running. The kids love to stuff them full of toys and carry them around.

The pumpkin had a Sleeping Beauty baby doll sticking out the top. It appeared the doll was filling up the whole pumpkin, but when I picked it up, I heard something rattle. Half the pumpkin was filled with Sleeping Beauty, but the other half contained all the missing Little People. PHEW! Huge relief!

When Lily heard this, she ran up, grabbed the bucket and returned all the Little People to their rightful homes.

So, Rose was innocent in that she didn’t throw away our precious Little People. My husband claims she loves the Little People too much to commit such a heinous crime, but I’m not so sure. Garbage cans are pretty fun. Rose was still guilty, though, in that she was CLEARLY the one who relocated our Little People. Lily has special houses for each Little People and is really anal about keeping them there. And Rose haphazardly shoves them in buckets and carries them around.

If only she’d answered me when I repeatedly asked where the Little People were! We could have saved ourselves a couple hours of search, rescue and worry!


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