The Scapegoat

The other day, everything was missing. Lily had cried several times because we couldn’t find her Disney Princess CD. We’d looked seemingly everywhere. We all blamed Rose because Lily said she hadn’t put it anywhere strange.

I began to suspect that Rose had thrown the CD out and said so.

We started cleaning the playroom in hopes that the CD would turn up even though it usually lives in the living room. That’s when I noticed at least 50% of the Little People population had gone missing. Among the MIA were Mommy, Emi, Calusta, Booie, Nonni, Poppy and Pa Little People. It was very distressful. We looked EVERYWHERE, but they were missing, missing missing.

Lily is very very particular about her Little People and always keeps them in their assigned houses when she’s not playing with them. We suspected Rose had moved them somewhere foreign. Lily and I were nearly in tears because the families just weren’t showing up. When they weren’t mixed in with the MegaBloks, My Little Ponies, Toy Story nation or dress-up clothes, I began to suspect the worse.

“Rose, did you throw out the Little People?”

“No. I didn’t throw it out!”

“Did you put it in the garbage?”

“No. I not put it in garbage!”

But how can you trust a two year old? Even one who talks like a 3 year old? You can’t. They are untrustworthy. They will throw out important things just for the fun of putting them in the garbage. Trust me, it’s happened before.

We seriously searched for these things for more than an hour. We’d given up and moved on to other things. Then, within 5 minutes, Rose’s name was cleared. I went to get a DVD and the princess CD was sitting underneath it!

“Rose! You didn’t throw out the CD! Look, Lily! I found it!”

Elation all around.

Also, guilt as I realized the CD was missing because of ME. I had put the DVDs on top of the CD when I was unpacking from our trip.

As the girls turned on the CD, I walked into the kitchen and immediately found the Little People.

Where were the Little People?
a) in the dishwasher
b) in the recycling bin
c) under the table
d) inside a rogue Halloween trick-or-treat pumpkin
e) all of the above

Tune in tomorrow for the answer!


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