The Sneak

Tuesday night, I put Rose to bed in her own bed, shut the door and went on with my evening. I assumed she went to sleep because I never heard otherwise. Sometimes she appears downstairs about an hour after bedtime, but that night, nothing.

Until 11 pm when I went up to go to bed myself and discovered this:
That's MY $70 pillow.
That’s right, she got out of her bed and went to go sleep in MY bed on MY $70 neck support pillow. She decided to sleep there even though I wasn’t there and the lights were still on.

What a sneak!

She got her way too. With all the antics she’s been pulling at night lately, we didn’t want to risk waking her. She got to sleep there all night. Dr. Toy Warden slept in the spare/baby’s room, which has a full-sized bed for somewhat safer night-nursing or guests.

Wednesday night she crept into the full-sized bed herself and we found her asleep THERE later in the night.

Dude, sleep in your own bed, kid!


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  1. maybe its time for the stay in bed technique? ala Supernanny? lol

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