Toy Brilliance

The girls got these wood blocks for Christmas.

Do you see the top of the box? How it’s a shape sorter?

This is the most brilliant thing a toy company has ever ever done. Why is it brilliant? Because the blocks are never ever left out. Every single time they finish playing with the blocks, they put them away without my having to ask them. They put them away because they think using the giant shape sorter is the most fun thing ever.

So, not only do they get the fun of playing with wood blocks, but they also think cleaning up is fun. The blocks are apparently the best toy in the whole wide world because they play with them endlessly despite having the choice tons of plastic toys that make noise and light up. And that’s great. But the real great thing is how clean the playroom is after they play with them.

If only all toys could be put away through a shape sorter.

Or would that get old?



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  1. I remember having a wooden block set when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite toys ever because there were endless possibilities of imagination in building. My sister and I would build houses, schools, mansions, grocery stores, castles, etc etc etc.

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