Toy WTF: Tiny Princess Wardrobe Choices

WTF is up with Disney Princess Favorite Moment Dolls and their teeny, tiny changeable rubber outfits that rip the second a child tries to change them? Why on earth would you make little rubber outfits so tight that when a child tries to change them they rip? Our first Cinderella doll ripped her dress immediately. For some reason, we kept buying these things and I put in place the new rule that only Mommy and Daddy could change the dolls. This means that Dr. Toy Warden and I are CONSTANTLY changing teeny, tiny easy-to-rip rubber clothes. Why did they go with rubber? Why didn’t they go with cloth? Even the tiny cloth clothes are hard to change, but at least you aren’t stretching them over teeny, tiny oddly bent arms.

I’m particularly pissed off about the Ariel doll.

You see Ariel’s little purple shell bra? You can take it off for no good reason. It doesn’t fit quite right and slips around a lot.

Do you know what’s under Ariel’s purple shell bra? A green painted-on bra.

Why the hell isn’t Ariel’s purple bra just painted on her? It would make so much more sense and work so much better. The purple rubber bra is so little that it’s totally going to get lost. I’m amazed it hasn’t been lost yet.

Also, Ariel’s shoes are painted green. Her dress is pink. The shoes and bra don’t match her dress at all. Purple shoes matching the purple bra would look much better, but I guess the toy designer decided to make the shoes match her green tail. The thing is, when she’s wearing the tail you can’t see her shoes and you aren’t supposed to be able to see her green bra either. It doesn’t make any sense.




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