Another Birthday Masterpiece

As we’ve covered before, I fail at cake decorating. When my mother was coming up for her birthday, I should have known I was incapable of making a beautiful cake. I mean, if you’ll recall, this is what happened when I tried to make Lily a Dora castle cake for her September birthday.

What are you talking about? It looks just like the picture!

I didn’t think the nightmare of that cake could be topped, but apparently I underestimated myself.

This weekend when I made my mother’s cake, I decided to sub the eggs with flax seed. I’ve done this before many times and had the cakes turn out fine. For some reason that’s not what happened this time. Maybe the cake was undercooked or something. I’m not really sure. When I tried to remove the cake from the pan, it crumbled. The cupcakes we made for castle turrets fell flat and also easily crumbled.

My mom is a good sport and was excited just to decorate a “cake” with Lily, so they went to town with what they had. This was the gorgeous result.

Like you could do better. (I’m sure you could. In fact, I’m sure a 6 year old could. I really really suck at making pretty cakes!)

Now, we could pretend like everything was ok because the cake tasted fantastic, but for some reason it didn’t. This cake totally sucked. I really don’t understand what happened. The frosting was good and I used the same mix I always use. I’ve used the flax seed egg substitute before and the cakes tasted fine. What happened?!

Whatever the case, my mom and Lily were VERY proud of their creation and have declared it the NEW best cake ever because they got to make it together.

Also, because I really don’t have enough about this to make a full post, you should know that pigs play Candy Land.

What? This totally happens at your house EVERY DAY!



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  1. you know, when you said pigs play candy land, i was looking for a little pig playing piece on the board, not the giant pig in your mothers arms. Yep.

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