Book WTF: Ever Changing Beast

Sometimes you should just ignore cheap books on the discount rack. A $4 copy of “Fairy Tales for Girls” seemed like a good idea at the time. Instead, it turned out to be a book of overly long, poorly edited fairy tales chock full of grammatical errors. In addition to those joys, the illustrations are inconsistent at best. Check out what happens with the pictures of Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”.

The first time we see Beast, his head is almost as big as his body. He truly does look like a beast. How can you even hold up a head that big?

By the time Beauty meets Beast, he is several feet shorter and has a normal-sized head. Was his head inflated with rage in the first picture? Did Beauty’s presence change his physical appearance? I assume this is a professional illustrator. How can there be so much difference between the first and second pictures!

Beast changes in size AGAIN when he’s dying waiting for Beauty to return from her father’s estate. I know he’s under a witch’s spell that makes him look like a monster, but I don’t recall the spell having anything to do with constant shape-shifting. WTF, illustrator?

And then, when Beast becomes human, he apparently turns into a woman.

That’s not how I remember it, but that’s what the illustration looks like!

I’m all for same-sex couples, but I have a feeling that’s not what the author or illustrator intended to portray.

WTF, book illustrator? I can see you are skilled enough to make nice looking paintings, but learn how to be consistent and also how to make a man look like a man. Long hair alone isn’t what’s making the prince look like a princess. The prince has a very feminine looking bone structure and face.

I could understand maybe a little variation in the size of the beast, but he’s seriously half his original size in the second picture.

How do you mess up that badly? How could the editors see those pictures and think “Perfect! Let’s go to print!”

I just don’t get it. WTF?


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  1. in the disney movie, beast becomes the ugliest prince i’ve ever seen.

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