Double Crown

A week ago, I bought Rose a rainbow crown from Claire’s. Ever since then, she has been wearing the crown non-stop. She’s even been wearing it outside the house. If she isn’t wearing the crown, she gets upset and wants me to find it for her. “Where my rainbow crown? I need my rainbow crown!”

Yesterday while we were hunting for more blue dresses, I found a clearance Cinderella costume for $8 at Walmart. The costume came with a Cinderella skirt, shirt, shoes and crown. Since Rose is absolutely obsessed with Cinderella, she wants to wear the shoes, the crown and one of her blue dresses EVERYWHERE all the time.

But she also still wants to wear her new rainbow crown.

Instead of alternating the rainbow crown and the Cinderella crown, she now insists that she wear BOTH. ALL THE TIME. Even to bed.

She insisted on wearing both crowns to the mall today. We met her dad for lunch and she immediately ran up to him and said “Daddy! Look at my crowns! Are they pretty?” My husband is a tough nut to crack when it comes to smiles, but that made him laugh.

Rose is such a different girl from her sister, who REFUSED to even try on costumes at this age and didn’t even want to wear dresses in the wintertime (that changed, but last year Lily wouldn’t wear any skirts in winter, even with pants. This year Lily wants dresses all the time, but at 2 and 3 she wouldn’t have it.). Rose’s insistence on wearing a blue dress every day has won her four new blue dresses and a new Cinderella costume so far. I need at least three more blue dresses to make it through the week.

By the way, if you think it’s easy to keep two crowns on a kid, think again. They don’t stay on well together and tears are shed whenever one falls off.

This is what I get for wishing I had the type of kid who wanted to wear costumes when Lily was refusing to touch them. Total payback!


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