Family Portrait

The only drawings I’d ever seen from Lily had either been scribbles or drawings of people with their faces scribbled out when she was trying to color them. Or something. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t doing something psychologically demented with the pictures, but she always always colored in the faces before you could see what they looked like. Luckily her preschool teacher didn’t see these drawings as a cry for help because they honestly worried me when she first started doing them!

Imagine my surprise when this came home with Lily last week with these drawings of her and me. She is on top. I had to cut off her real name, which she also wrote very legibly. She’s the one who wrote “Mommy” on the drawing of me.

I think there is a strong family resemblance!

Since when can she draw people that look like people? I mean, it’s not fine art, but it’s fairly obvious that those are faces as opposed to scribbles.

I was so touched that when she went to draw, I was her inspiration. I don’t think I deserve quite that much credit, but it’s amazing to have someone love you that much. My heart was already melting over the pictures when she said “I drew this picture of you so I could look at you when you aren’t here.”

How could you not swoon from a statement like that? And of course this picture looks just like me, so it will help ease the ache of my absence even though there are photographs of me all over the house.

I teased my husband about where he must rank since he didn’t get a picture drawn of him. She must have heard me because the next day she came home with this masterpiece.

My husband is the one with the black hair. We all knew right away it was him (he’s Asian if you are new to this blog). The other drawing is obviously Rose, at least I think it’s obvious. My husband wasn’t sure. I mean, who else could it be?

You may notice that Lily and her dad have the same nose. That’s about accurate. Rose and I have unique noses in these drawings. Also probably accurate.

Lily: “Now I can look at Rose and Daddy when they aren’t here. And you can look at the picture of me when I’m not here!”


Having her drawings look like things now probably amuses me way more than it should, but I completely love it.

Now to convince her to draw at home instead of endlessly coloring in her My Little Pony coloring books. I think she prefers using markers for drawing, but I have to restrict that at home because she and her sister endlessly let the markers fall on the carpet with their caps off and I just. can’t. take. the. stress. I guess I should let her do that more often, though really she gets endless access to all the messy art stuff she wants at school 12 hours a week. And that’s what I’m paying these people for, right?

Right. I guess I’ll let the markers out more then.

God, I hate markers.

Actually, I like markers. I hate small children with markers.

I get stressed out just thinking about it.


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