Puppy Love

I promised bird breeding this week, but I’m more inspired by another story.

Eight years ago this coming Monday, Lumpy was born. Since my mother owns Lumpy’s mother, my mom and sister’s dogs Dusty and Snwoball were also born that day. Lumpy’s best friend in the world is his brother, Snowball. Snowball usually lives in Milwaukee these days, but when the two boys get back together it’s a joyous reunion with much tackling and snuggling.

They seriously spent 90% of the last couple days curled up around each other on top of either my sister or me.

Back when my sister was in college and I was in graduate school, we lived 2 blocks away from each other. The dogs spent a lot of time together, as did my sister and I. Our dogs knew the way to each other’s houses. My sister used to dognap my dog and take both boys to the dog park. I finished graduate school one semester before my sister graduated from college and moved out of town.

Snowball did not get the message that we had moved away. He missed his brother and didn’t understand why they weren’t coming to visit us anymore. One day my sister was taking Snowball for a walk and he pulled himself out of his collar and ran away all the way to my old apartment building! He missed his brother so much that if my sister wasn’t going to take him to see her, he was going to take himself.

We weren’t there, so he was disappointed, but this is the classic tale we always retell each other about our dogs’ love for each other. Her dog loved my dog so much that he ran away from home to try to visit him.


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