A couple days ago, all I wanted to eat in the whole world was Rice Krispies and milk. Of course, we didn’t have Rice Krispies in the house. In fact, we usually don’t have them. It was one of those wild pregnancy cravings, like the time I was pregnant with Rose and I craved this gourmet popcorn my mother used to make when I hadn’t eaten it in a good 15 years.

I told my husband I needed Rice Krispies and would be going to the store for them later. Lily overheard me.

“Don’t forget to get the marshmallows!”


“We need to make Rice Krispie treats just like at Nonni’s house!” (Nonni is my mother/her grandmother.)

Then I realized the only way Lily and Rose had ever experienced Rice Krispies was in their treat form.

“I wasn’t planning on doing that, Lily, but you know what? That’s a good idea. We’ll make some Rice Krispie treats.”

“Don’t forget the marshmallows!” she said.

I didn’t. I went grocery shopping pretty late, so we didn’t get to make the treats until the next day. That’s when I realized our box of Rice Krispies somehow didn’t have the recipe listed. I was pretty sure it was 6 cups of Rice Krispies to a bag of marshmallows, but I needed to verify that and how much butter was needed. I told Lily I needed to look up the recipe on the computer.

“You don’t need to look on the computer. Just call Nonni! She knows how to make them!”

Despite mention of my mother cooking twice in this post, I can assure you she doesn’t do it often and probably doesn’t have the Rice Krispie recipe memorized any more than I do! But Nonni has made Rice Krispies with Lily on several occasions, so Lily clearly thinks Nonni is the MASTER Rice Krispie maker. Perhaps Nonni even invented Rice Krispies!

I didn’t call Nonni. I’d just talked to her and didn’t want to be too pesky.

Of course, a soon as I found the recipe online, I realized it was on the back of the marshmallow bag.

Rose calls Rice Krispie treats “sticky”. She had “sticky” after ever meal that day and threw a fit this morning when I informed her we were out of “sticky” at lunch.


Rose has been a bit of a monster this week. She didn’t get more “sticky”. In fact, if she keeps it up she’ll never get “sticky” again.


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