Bubbles: An Investment Gone Bad

Every year, I buy my weight in Miracle Bubbles for the girls. The bubbles always seem to go bad. One day they’d work great– there would be bubbles everywhere. The next time we’d use them, no bubbles would come out of the wand. My husband and I decided that Miracle Bubbles expired and went bad. There’s no expiration date on the bottle, but whenever they wouldn’t work, we’d just throw them out and buy new bubbles. I mean, you don’t keep mayonnaise after it goes bad, surely you should get rid of bubbles?

I was sick of Miracle Bubbles going bad. They are cheap and easy to find and I thought that was part of the reason they weren’t working. Last week when we went to buy warm weather supplies (Sandals! Sidewalk chalk! Swimsuits!), I decided to invest in the “expensive” bubbles. These bubbles don’t break the bank, but they cost at least double what Miracle Bubbles do. I bought one small $3 bottle per kid.

Within 6 hours, both bottles had been dumped on the ground.

And that’s why you don’t get to get nice things, girls.

The very next day, we were at a party and I was talking about how quickly we have bubble disasters and how I’d invested big time in these bubbles. That’s when another party guest informed me that my Miracle Bubbles had NOT in fact gone bad. Allegedly (and I say allegedly because this was Saturday and I haven’t had a chance to test this out) sometimes bubbles don’t work because of issues with atmospheric pressure and humidity and some other weather related stuff I don’t quite understand. If your bubbles stop working, you should just put them away and try again on another day.


Between this rumor and $6 worth of dumped pricey bubbles, I will not be investing in the “better quality” bubbles again.



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3 Responses to Bubbles: An Investment Gone Bad

  1. Emi

    You thought bubbles “went bad”!?!??! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Bunny…

  2. Lis

    We just mixed dishwashing liquid with water. Works a treat and so much cheaper!

  3. Maurina

    Best Bubble Recipe:
    6 parts water, 2 parts Joy dishwashing liquid (this brand works the best), and 3/4 part corn syrup.

    The corn syrup gives the bubbles some structure so they don’t just pop at the slightest pressure. These bubbles have great “rainbow” colors when done in the sun. Enjoy!

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