Elephant Birthday

Last year, my dog (yes, my dog) got this elephant toy for his birthday. Somehow, this stuffed animal dog toy is still intact. There was a day that this toy would be shredded within 5 minutes, but I think the presence of children’s stuffed animals has left poor Lumpy dog confused about what he is allowed to destroy. I’m not sure if he’s ever actually had this toy in his mouth.

Lumpy isn’t the only member of this household who is confused over ownership of this toy. Rose thinks it’s hers. Actually, she will refer to it as “Lumpy’s toy”, but she’ll carry it all over the place. She refers to this elephant as “Elephant birthday”. She constantly talks about how it’s the elephant’s birthday and says happy birthday to the elephant.

She also thinks it is this dog toy sheep’s birthday, possibly because the sheep is the same color as the elephant. I HAVE seen this one in Lumpy’s mouth, but possibly not since Rose started toting it around like it was hers. What a polite and giving dog!

The sheep often goes around the house celebrating its birthday with the elephant.

So, I should have known this was coming. For Lumpy’s birthday this year, we got him a squeaky cupcake that I also don’t believe he’s actually put in his mouth. He seems to restrict himself to OBVIOUS dog toys such as ropes and tennis balls.

As soon as we got the dog cupcake toy, Rose decided it was the elephant’s birthday cake.

She runs around with the cupcake and the elephant saying “It’s the elephant’s birthday! Here his birthday cake? Happy birthday, elephant!” and then she sings to him and feeds him cake.

This post probably explains why my dog doesn’t get 1/3 of the new toys he got before we had kids. In our defense, most of Lumpy’s life before we had kids I worked outside the home. Now I’m home with him most of the day so he theoretically gets more attention… or at least more companionship. Surely that makes up for the toys?

Probably not.



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2 Responses to Elephant Birthday

  1. Can't Hear in the Dark

    Maybe make some dog toys off limits to the kids, unless they are actively giving it to the dog or playing with the dog (like fetch or tug)? And have everyone actively use these toys to play with him. That way Lumpy is given permission to have these toys

    Speaking of lumps, you’ve seen Stains, right?

    • That’s the first I’ve seen of Stains! Reminds me of Lumpy with his junk food obsession.

      I don’t think I could make the toys off-limits. At Rose’s age, any toy she can reach she WILL reach. They do try to initiate him in play, but he won’t have it unless it is a ball or a rope toy.

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