Friday Funnies: Favorite Parent

I apologize in advance for how crude these cartoons are even for MY crudely-drawn cartoons.

Anyway, Dr. Toy Warden and Lily are on spring break this week from the university. Did you know that Lily goes to college? It’s true. If you live near a college with a child development program, I highly recommend checking out its early childhood education training programs to see if it has a preschool. The program here is outstanding.

We’ve done something fun as a family just about every day this week. Yesterday we went swimming. I feel I was superbly brave participating in this activity considering I am nearly 27 weeks pregnant, huge and uncomfortable. Going swimming means flaunting my gigantic body in a swimming suit. While we were swimming, my maternity suit kept floating up and revealing my giant belly! It’s definitely the most attractive I’ve ever been. I think I deserve some Mommy Bonus Points for agreeing to all this.

Neither of our girls knows how to swim yet. Lily was in a swim class last summer, but she utterly failed it. As a result, the kids need to be held in the pool most of the time to “practice swimming”. The thing is BOTH girls wanted ME to be the one to help them swim. Given that I’m gigantically pregnant and my hips are a complete mess that neither a chiropractor nor a physical therapist have been able to help, dragging kids around the pool is exhausting and sometimes painful for me! BOTH kids insisted on hanging off of me. They actually got in a fight over me.

I kept begging them to go swimming with their eager-to-help, physically able, non-pregnant, actually quite fit dad, but they weren’t having it. In fact, mid-”My Mommy Fight” this happened.

That’s right, they actually fought over NOT having to claim their father as their own after fighting over sole ownership of me.

Dr. Toy Warden and I cracked up. I mean, it was pretty insulting for him when you think about it, but we know the girls really love him. In fact, at this very moment they are curled up with him watching their favorite music videos on youtube. They just prefer swimming with me for whatever reason. Considering how slow and cumbersome and huge I am right now, I can’t imagine why, but whatever. I find as a stay at home mom I get a little preferential treatment from the girls sometimes even though I think their dad is much more patient with them and deserves more of the love. I guess this is my payment for staying home: utter adoration until they turn 11 and decide they hate me.

So, after this little display of daddy disloyalty, tonight Lily insisted that her daddy come play catch with her. In fact, she said “I don’t want MOMMY! I want YOU, Daddy!”

To which her dad promptly and properly retorted, “Since when am I your daddy? I thought I was ROSE’S daddy. Isn’t that what you said at the pool today?”

But she didn’t get the joke.


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